A message from Scorbord Founder/CEO, Steven Holt


Hey, Coach.

My name is Steven Holt and I am the Founder and CEO of Scorbord Sports, LLC.

I'd like to take a minute to introduce myself and Scorbord so you know what we're all about.

As an assistant coach for a high school boys soccer program in Georgia, I've experienced first hand the demands that high school coaches face on a daily basis. The preseason grind of setting the schedule, coordinating tryouts, and ensuring player eligibility... The in-season challenges of practice planning, managing gameday logistics, and coordinating volunteers... The post-season complexities of banquet planning, accounting reviews, and (Lord willing) championship ring orders. There's so much on the high school coach's plate year-in and year-out. And that's part of what led me to create Scorbord.

The mission of Scorbord is to help you, Coach, to tackle those tedious tasks that are on your plate, so you can spend more time doing the one thing that's missing from the list above... coaching your players.

See, I believe that participating in high school sports is one of the most powerful opportunities to positively impact a person's life. And in that realm, there is one particular relationship that carries more weight than the others: the coach-player relationship.

What drove me to commit to the mission of Scorbord is that I continually heard two types of stories from high school coaches I spoke to. First, I heard dozens of personal stories of players who were impacted in a positive way by their high school coaches and who continue to keep in touch with them to this day, even flying into town just to catch a rivarly game. But I also heard stories about how these days it seems like there's so much on the coach's plate that they don't feel there's any extra time or space to just coach and connect with their players like there used to be.

And that struck me. The fact that there's so much going on for the high school coach that he feels he can't invest sufficient time toward the one primary reason he took the job in the first place... seems... backward.

So in 2019, I decided I wanted to help. I was blessed with an opportunity to join a top-shelf high school soccer program at Greater Atlanta Christian School as an assistant to work under Thom Jacquet, a 30+ year coaching legend with 5 state championships to his name (5 when I joined... 6 now!). I took the plunge and he put me to work. I told him I truly believed that if I could free him up to just coach, that he could deliver a championship team.

There was no easing into the job... I jumped in and handled all of those tedious team management tasks for Coach. From ordering, printing, and handing out team spirit gear... setting, maintaining, and adjusting game schedules... planning, executing, and (occasionally) cancelling practices... gameday logistics of pregame meal, stadium setup, and transportation... communication with the athletic department, trainers, media, parents, players, and EurosportScoreboard... travel logistics for team overnight trips to Savannah... all of it!

And that freed Coach up so he could... well... coach! As he did, I was able to witness first hand many of those stories play out right in front of my eyes where a high school coach gets to have such a positive impact on his player's life and it absolutely moved me (still does!).

To top it all off, we were able to lead a team to a Georgia High School State Championship in 2022.

But coach, if I'm being honest, the greatest reward has been to see that it's still possible today for a high school coach to make that positive impact on the lives of his players... if he is able to invest in the team he's leading.

I believe that the above experience is not unique to just Thom Jacquet and the GAC Boys Soccer Program. With all of my heart, I believe that every high school coach has the opportunity to deliver a championship-caliber team both on and off the field if he is freed up and able to invest more of his time, but more importantly his energy, and ultimately his heart into his team.

So that's why I'm here, coach. I'm putting my skills, talents, abilities, experiences, and resources to work to help you knock out those things that get in the way of you doing what you're there to do: COACH! We (Scorbord) just so happen to do that by building tools, processes, and sharing knowledge with you.

At the very worst, by working with us, you'll be able to put a better product on the field when the lights come on. At best, we together are going to cultivate lifelong, powerful, and wholesome relationships with the future of our communities, nations, and world.

It's game on, Coach!

Let's get it!

Steven M. Holt
Founder and CEO - Scorbord Sports, LLC.